Zero Balancing

Morgan Rivers
I am a licensed acupuncturist and offer Worsley Five Element Acupuncture (WFEA) and Zero Balancing Therapeutic Bodywork. I also lead a monthly circle of the Dances of Universal Peace. WFEA supports balance and harmony for our internal energy flows and looks for root causes of symptoms.  It treats body mind and spirit.  Zero Balancing (ZB) "makes normal better".  It feels good and engenders feelings of well-being.  ZB typically helps with all manner of pain relief and physical issues as well as being calming for the mind, stabilizing for the emotions and uplifting for the spirit.  It is both relaxing and energizing.  Clients are clothed for a ZB session ( The Dances of Universal Peace are simple joyous circle Dances using sacred phrases from many spiritual traditions to touch the essence in ourselves and each other.  No experience is necessary (
Urbandale, IA