Suzanne Spooner
Suzanne is a Level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (QHHT). The Director for Dolores Cannon’s Worldwide Official Professional Support Forum and teaches alongside Julia Cannon and assisted the late Dolores Cannon. QHHT is a hypnosis process that allows the client to reach the deepest parts of theta consciousness where they access not only past/future lives but also the part of them self that knows all answers, the origins of illness and how to heal the body energetically. Each client comes to a QHHT session with a list of physical and life questions they would like to have answers to. These answers are given by the client’s High Self and the session is recorded so that they have a record of their amazing journey through their consciousness. It is a life changing, heart and mind expanding experience. Suzanne also created the teachable channeling process called The Art of Universal Knowing (TAUK) in 2008. The class is available online at TAUKsite.com. She also created a guided theta meditation called The Universal Mind Project. 
Des Moines, IA