Barbara Charlson
ThetaHealing(c) - With simple decisions and a little belief work, your life can be changed forever... ThetaHealing is a philosophy - not a therapy or religion, and more than a technique. It's a modality that works with people regardless of age, race, creed, religion or gender. Benefits include:
* Help people heal themselves and focus on living a meaningful life
* Alter limiting beliefs into empowering ones
* Change life patterns caused by substance abuse and alcohol addiction
* Clear blocks to money, abundance and prosperity
* Teach how to release harmful fears and phobias
* Resolve resentments, grudges and regrets toward others
Collins & Ames, IA

641-385-2579 (w)


Tiffany McSkimming

Master's of Art in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition and practicing Registered Nurse with a BSN. Midwest Holistic Health and Nutrition provides: Nutritional counseling and lifestyle modifications to live more healthfully. I specifically help individuals alkalinize their diet through The Acid Alkaline Association diet and help identify food sensitivities. Through this diet I teach proper food combinations for optimal health. I also use essential oils in conjunction with the AAA Diet to help with bodily ailments, promote ideal health and wellness, and identify food sensitivities. Will travel state wide and meet with individuals, groups, or corporate events.
Collins, IA

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